In 2003, our Founder, Nichelle Murdock, turned a passion for stand-up comedy, a love for live entertainment and her keen eye for talent into a growing business with unlimited possibilities. Nichelle developed her first stand-up comedy show, Crack’Em Up Thursdays at the World Famous Comedy Store (W. Hollywood, CA) now known as the Crack’Em Up Comedy Show, after making the decision to step in and fill a void, providing another platform for comedians. Nichelle’s dedication and focus on the ‘young up and comers’ aka ‘rising comedy stars’, helped to shine the light on these sometimes over-looked acts.

Crack’Em Up provided an enjoyable work-out space (outside of the open mic nights at the local coffee houses) for the professional comedian. Supplying the comedians with a real audience (not just comics) generated a creative energy for those who want to incorporate crowd work into their sets while writing and developing new material.

In the years that followed, the quality of our shows, our ability to identify and embrace fresh diverse funny faces in a heavily saturated comedy market and our growing roster of talent, have been very instrumental in building a best in class & a hilarious stable of talent for our television and film projects.

Today, Crack’Em Up Comedy Entertainment (CEUCE), is one of Hollywood’s most consistent providers of live comedy entertainment. We currently have live weekly shows in Hollywood, CA as well as various pop-up shows across Southern California. In September 2017, we launched the Crack’Em Up Comedy Podcast on iTunes and SoundClound. Our uncut podcast is recorded live from the basement of The Comedy Store and features comedians and guests from our Thursday night show.  We retired our Crack’Em Up Wednesday Show at the Jazz Cafe at Music Hall (Detroit, MI) in 2017 after a five year run.  

Television and film projects are currently in development. CEUCE is a Los Angeles, California based entertainment company, servicing its clients across the US and abroad (Great Britain), from its Los Angeles office since December 2002.

CEUCE specializes in talent: booking and development as well as television production and live stand-up comedy events. CEUCE has become a premier presenter of Hollywood and the country’s funniest rising comedy stars. As CEUCE continues to provide reputable platforms for today’s rising comedy stars, CEUCE continues to expand its comedy brand: “Crack’Em Up Comedy” and any other brand associated with it. CEUCE provides its clients the benefit of years of practical experience in television production as well as crucial contacts at all levels of the entertainment industry.


CEUCE’s mission is to develop and produce high quality and innovative comedy content and programming for television, film, digital media, web-based projects, comedy clubs, venues and the individual comedy connoisseur. CEUCE is committed to showcasing the best rising comedy stars of today and tomorrow who are impacting and influencing today’s growing comedy scene. Through its growing number of entertainment projects, CEUCE always strives to produce the best original comedy experience.

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