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Point of View

If you’re like most comedians, you have a desire to have your own sitcom like Martin, Marlon, Seinfeld, The Cosby Show, Louie, Inside Amy Shumer, and The Bernie Mac Show just to name a few. Besides being funny (of course), the best was to catch the eyes and ears of Hollywood’s agents, managers, writers and producers, by having a great point of view.

What’s a point of view? According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary –a ‘point of view’ is:  a position or perspective from which something is considered or evaluated: standpoint. It is also defined as:  a way of looking at or thinking about something.

Turning your 20 minute set into a sitcom teleplay isn’t a simple task but it is obviously possible. When putting your stand-up set together, make sure your audience is able to answer these three questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What you are?
  • How you are?

Who are you? Are you a kind, lovable single father of twins who owns a taco truck and does comedy on the side? Or are you a newlywed who totally regrets marrying her high school sweetheart? Whatever you are, let it be known in your set. Talk about it.

What are you? Are you pissed off at the world or sweet as candy?

How you are? Explain and express what makes you different. This is the perfect place to add ‘act outs’ to your set but don’t overdo it but make sure that you animate yourself.

Introduce us to the various characters in your life, bring them to life. What makes them click or tick?

Don’t let the process intimidate you, start writing today…Your pilot is waiting for you.

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