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If you were not in the Belly Room on November 2nd then you missed a magical night. Not only was there a lineup of rising stars, but two comedy legends Marlon Wayans and Dave Chappelle decided to drop in and bless the stage.

I know for sure everyone present in the Belly Room will not forget that night but for me it was much more special. November 2nd was my first time performing at the Comedy Store and for two people I’ve looked up to for my entire 22 year existence on this earth it was nothing short of an out of body experience. Marlon and Dave completely shut the Belly Room down and had everyone’s attention in the palms of their hands.

Dave Chappelle

As a young comedian, I learned so much just from the hour that they performed. It was great to hear their perspectives on life and Hollywood and where it’s going. For every comedian in the Belly Room, Marlon and Dave served as symbols of what hard work, dedication, and the love for the craft can bring you over time.

Arthur Hamilton, Niles Abston & Jerome Tennison

From the audience perspective I’m sure it was just as magical. Where else in the world can you pay five dollars and be surprised with over an hour of live entertainment from Marlon Wayans and Dave Chappelle? I’ll answer that question for you. NOWHERE but Crack Em Up Thursdays at the World Famous Comedy Store.

The line up that the audience was able to experience is like no other. At Crack Em Up you can experience up and coming comedians that are just starting, rising stars doing big things on television and film alike, and then sometimes the best comedians in the world.

Marlon Wayans & Chris Riggins

Crack Em Up Thursdays is a unique comedy experience that you do not want to miss and Marlon and Dave dropping in as special guests reminded us all of that. Every Thursday night we’re blessed with a great platform and community to just enjoy comedy and the pureness of it. Don’t miss the next show!


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