If you’re ever at the World Famous Comedy Store on Thursday nights at 10 PM, you’re in for a treat if you happen to stop by the Belly Room. Over the last decade, Crack Em Up Thursdays has become a staple both in the culture of the Comedy Store and black comedy. Any given Thursday night you could possibly enjoy special guests such as Leslie Jones, Chris Tucker, Deon Cole, Marlon Wayans, Kevin Hart and Yvonne Orji or discover a new rising star in Los Angeles that the show’s amazing producer, Nichelle Murdock, has such a great knack for finding.

Everything about the show’s culture is fun and entertaining, from the seasoned and hilarious hosts to the music played in between comics. Crack Em Up Thursdays is such a unique show on the Los Angeles comedy scene because of its various and diverse Black comedic voices throughout each line up while also booking many comics of other races and ethnicities as well. Week to week the show provides a signal boost for Black talent at a world renowned venue. But what makes Crack Em Up Thursdays one of the most important comedy shows in all of Los Angeles, isn’t necessarily the talent.

With the current racial and political climate in America, Crack Em Up Thursdays being a black-ran show makes it all the more important. Every day I’m reminded of the famous James Baldwin quote, “To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.” There’s no doubt that keeping up with today’s headlines and educating oneself on forgotten Black history in America can sometimes cause both anger and mental exhaustion. Fortunately, Crack Em Up Thursdays provides a comedy safe haven where you can sit back and enjoy the show and the people for a few hours without even once thinking about our country’s racial/political climate. In my opinion, it’s good for our mental health to just see other Black people having fun when so many images of our pain are looped constantly on the news and on social media. The culture Nichelle has created in the Belly Room every Thursday night is something I recommend anyone of any race should come and check out. When you get there, Uncle Levi, the best-dressed security man in comedy will be waiting for you at the door!

Niles Abston

IG: @Niles310

Twitter: @Niles100


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